Video Pasta

Tired of Paying $250,000 to
Make ONE Video?

We get it. Branded video production is an expensive and inefficient endeavor, created in a time long ago. The process usually goes down like this: a brand or agency pays a video production company a SH*T TON of money to create ONE 30 second commercial, hoping and praying that it will be successful along the way.

Meanwhile, the pre-production process has taken up the entire bandwidth of your internal marketing team.  And the nail in the coffin? 

You’re a quarter behind schedule and your audience (customers) hasn’t seen any content from you… in months.

We Reverse Engineered the
Video Production Process

And we discovered that when it really comes down to it, no one can know for sure if a video or ad works until they actually make it.

So we thought, why should brands spend all that time, money and energy to make one ad when you could create… a truckload of content (at a fraction of the cost) instead?

What if you could throw this proverbial video pasta on the wall, see what sticks with your audience, further promote and make more of the content that does?

Sure, tentpole ad campaigns, viral pushes and big marketing spends are needed (we make these videos too). They are part of the plan, but not THE PLAN.

In a world where awareness alone is no longer enough, you need to fill all the moments in-between with direct response, bottom of the funnel, and let’s not forget, fun and engaging content.

That’s why we re-Imagined video production and content creation at scale. 

How We Make “Video Pasta”
in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Order Up! 

Every month you fill out a quick 5 minute creative audit where we learn about your goals, specific content needs, new audiences, and any special promotions, events and upcoming holidays you would like to celebrate. You then select content themes, production style, keywords, colors and other aesthetics that you like (or want to experiment with). This information will become our roadmap for that month’s content creation.

  1. Makin’ the Pasta

After you have shipped us your products our filmmakers digest all your information from the creative audit and independently get to work making a large (and targeted) variety of social video content that we know your audience will love.

  1. Pick the Best, Forget the Rest & Order Desert

Once your monthly truckload of content arrives you choose what you like and post it or promote it wherever and whenever you want.  At the end of the month we quickly discuss what content you liked, which pieces you didn’t and together we analyze what’s working for you and how we can make more of it the next month.

Strategy Works:


You get more content than you could ever make with the traditional one-off video production process. 


Our creatives are inspired and have the flexibility to go and create some really great on-brand work. The process is especially handy during the COVID-19 Crisis. 

Pursuit of Perfection

With time, we will know exactly what works for you and focus on making a lot more of it!

It’s like they went into my brain and took a video out. They knew exactly what I wanted without much explanation.

Michael Cole + Co.

"They were incredibly easy to work with."

Ambulatory Care Sites

We trust them to focus and come back quickly with the finished product.”


The company can get a lot done on a very reasonable budget.


Can We Take Your Order?

    When You Are Different, People Have Questions

    Here are a few frequents:

    What does the content look like?

    It depends on your brand, the creative audit and how much life our filmmakers can squeeze out of the monthly budget. Because trends come and go so fast our process gives the content creator the opportunity to seize the moment while at the same time creating evergreen content for daily posts that is on brand… and without the headaches.  

    A few possibilities:

    • Live action product shoots
    • Themed stop motion product videos
    • Flat lay photography and animation
    • Repurposing your old footage or photos into new ideas
    • GIFS, GIFS, GIFS! 
    • motion graphic led video
    • Animated inspirational or customer quotes
    • “Real people” or UGC “feel” product videos
    • Vertical Stories for IG, FB, Tiktok, Snapchat and LinkedIn

    What if I REALLY LIKE a few pieces of content and want to create a larger campaign around it?

    Awesome! We love when this happens.  We can either explore further and make similar content the next month, or we can create a custom campaign to make this idea HUGE.

    In the past we have used our content to incubate tentpole campaigns, create ads from the footage we have already shot, turned videos into longer form content and even encouraged audiences to take action by having them make videos similar to our viral posts. 

    Can we give feedback after the content is made?

    Yes and No.  If you LOVED a piece we made and need a minor tweak or want to add a specific line of copy we will be happy to do so!  If we missed the mark, you can tell us what you didn’t like on our monthly call and we will NEVER MAKE THAT KIND OF VIDEO AGAIN.

    What if I want to post the content in a different month than I receive it?

    When we send the content to you it’s yours to do with it as you please. Forever. Our goal over time is to give you enough content that you are months and months ahead on your content calendar.

    Does VIDEO PASTA work with long form content for Youtube?

    It most definitely can. In the past we have made a custom plan where we created a weekly youtube series and delivered as many cutdowns in different social formats as possible.  We then used any cinematic shots from the show to make cool looping videos and placed promotional copy within the clips.

    We have also done this in reverse, where we created long form videos from shorter inspirational animated quotes. We curated similar quote videos  we had on file and made longer themed videos that perform better on youtube.

    Will you post the content for me?

    No, though we understand content distribution, that’s not our secret sauce. We are a video and content creation factory not a social media, PR or media buying agency.  BUT we do have a few friendly companies and individuals that we can introduce to you to if needed.

    What does it cost?

    Every monthly membership is uniquely priced based on how many platforms you need content for, but on average our clients pay approximately $6,000 – $10,000/ month for about 24 – 50 pieces of premium content.

    We require a 2 month minimum commitment to get started and run month to month after that.