We worked Barrette Outdoor Living to tell their corporate story through a stylized documentary.  We traveled to 3 states and numerous cities within 7 days to capture their amazing employees and factories throughout the USA.

Other notable work: Active Yards Contractor Commericial


Production M creates monthly comedy videos in partnership with Manscaped.  We pitch creative concepts to the internal team and then execute the video production. We make additional cut downs of our videos to serve as paid ads across Manscaped’s social channels.

Featured video: Pubepocalypse

Other notable work:  History of Manscaping


We worked with Netflix to create a video for their Netflix Futures channel where every week they launch new content from your favorite Netflix series.

Sophie Kim plays Amara in The Healing Powers of Dude – and while there’s lots to love about Amara, there’s even more to love about Sophie.


Production M produced two original series, FOODZ and STYLE SECTOR using influencers and brand ambassadors from the Firework app.

Production M is continuing the partnership producing more original content, while also providing production and creative support on their new ad campaign built around the app relaunch.

Our Featured video: REVEAL  has just won an award from Design Rush for  Best Video Production Design.

Other notable work:


We worked with Microsoft company MileIQ to create videos based on their weekly blog content.  Using pre-written articles as a source, we worked with Microsoft’s internal team to create scripts for voice over and visual direction.

Production M also created an internal (secret) video for early product development.

Featured video: MileIQ – Milage Deductions 

Other notable work:  Secret Project*

*no sound or UI on this version of video to protect trade secrets


Hooked is an original storytelling app that hooks viewers with stories told in text (sms) form.

They looked to Production M to turn one of their most popular stories (Missing) to life as short film to distribute natively on the app.


We worked with Metro PR and Bytedance to create a series of video ads for a new program (Beat the Q) premiering on the app. We delivered over 20 original videos in varying formats and length. 

Featured video: Beat the Q

Other notable work:  Graphic Ad: Beat the Q


We wrote, produced and animated this CRAZY video for our friends at Trophy Smack. 

Having only still photo assets and no budget for a video shoot, our animators found a clever way to animate the product using amazing voice over actors and weeks of after effects VFX work to get the job done before football season began.

Additionally, Production M broke this tent-pole video down into numerous product features videos and social content.


We worked with on multiple campaigns to create celebrity driven video PSA’s that promoted taking action. 

Featured video: Laila Ali

Other campaign videos:


Production M was tasked with producing an American version of a popular British Facebook show called This Parenting Thing.

Production M ran the production for multiple seasons as well as casting talent and directing the show.

Watch here.


We worked with Inside Edition corresponder (and famous bad guy catcher) Lisa Guerrero to create content for her new youtube channel.  Production M helped created the launch strategy and managed the youtube channel that led to over 20,000 subscribers in just one month. 

Featured video: FURTRIEVE Product Test Investigation

Other notable work:

Small Town Dicks

Production M ideated and produced a video at for Paperclip’s Small Town Dicks Podcast.  The video helped to promote the season 5 launch as well as drive new downloads.  

We also produce monthly Social content through our partnership with Metro Public Relations.


Production M created a series of 5 text animation episodes for Soul Pancake’s original series Women By Example. We helped to create videos that inspire by using quotes from successful women entrepenuaers as the core of each video.

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