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It seems like almost every publisher, marketer, and brand online is making the pivot to Social Video. It makes sense, since it’s shown to be the most effective way to drive engagement and grow an audience. But what exactly is a social video?

Social Video is Targeted.

You want to be aware of your audience’s habits, such as when they are online and what kind of content they like to consume. You also want to make sure that your Social Video is SEO optimized. This means making sure your metadata (titles, descriptions, and tags) are bold and descriptive.

It’s Designed for Social Platforms

Social videos are not just TV ads cropped and plopped onto facebook.

They’re optimized for web and mobile viewing and are tailored for each specific platform they appear on. The ideal social video is brief, readable across all devices, and has a clear message even without sound. Square videos have become popular for those reasons.

They display well regardless of platform, and take more space on feeds, and take up more space on feeds, naturally calling more attention.

Social Video is Engaging

The big goal of video is to drive social engagement. A social video should increase comments, likes, and shares, which will organically bring your content to the feeds of your potential new audience. While there’s no secret recipe for engagement, there are straightforward best practices to use video to grow your audience.

A great social video is a short-form video crafted specifically to drive engagement actions and captivate viewers on social networks.

Need Help With Video?

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