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As a top video agency in LA, we know what organizations like yours should look for when seeking information about video production.

Here are a few tips on questions to ask your video agency, and yourself, before engaging in video production.

Ask About Their Creative Philosophy

You need to be particular with who you’re working with. Getting some information about the video agency and their creative approach will give you a look into their identity and how they work.

The best video agency will work with you to creatively solve your problems. During early discussions take note on their passion.  Do they push the envelope? Are they creatively hungry?

Ask About Their Crew

A video agency might assure you that their creative team is the best. But Miscommunications and inefficiencies from novices or non professionals can end up costing you a lot more in the end.
You need to know your video is in the hands of professionals. Ask specifically what Director and DP’s vision is for your project and look at their portfolios. Knowing the team you will work with, even indirectly, will let you feel success even before you get started.

Ask About Their Collaboration and Client Relations Process

Your video agency should work directly with you to make sure your concept and production schedule is on point.  You are going want to know how they streamline communication and who to turn to as you get deeper into the process.

You should ask your video agency what their ideation and collaboration process like. Who handles client relations during the process? How do they like to communicate?

Creative work is a collaborative process, but so is stellar client relations.

Review Their Portfolio

Before reaching out, you should take a look at the video agency’s portfolio of work or their reel. Is their work professional? Is it eye catching, fresh, stylish?  Does it make you want to buy the product? Do you think their video style might match your needs? Do they create content that feels fresh and unique?

Beyond work that is visually stimulating you’ll want to see the different kinds of videos they make.  Be sure to take a look and their video agency services.

Can they handle the type of production you are seeking?

Know Your Budget

Every video project is different. In most cases an experienced video agency can back into your budget. However, you need to do the work to know your target budget before you can have a productive discussion.  

Video has more stages of production than other mediums. Ideation, scripting, storyboarding, shooting, editing, and color-correcting, just to name a few.  Most of these cost are out-of-pocket costs for a video agency. It’s important to be realistic in your expectations and listen to your video partners on what is in budget and what is not.

You can ask for transparency in cost, but don’t micromanage the budget. At Production M, we give our clients the top page budget. We highlight each stage of production so that we can avoid scope creep and make everyone feel comfortable during the shoot.

Know Your Goals

It is the job of the video agency to make sure they create a great video. And though a cool video is always nice to have you need to make sure it serves your goals.

Though not all video agencies handle distribution they should at least know the intended purpose of the video. Is it brand awareness, site traffic, or trial signups?

Before engaging a video agency, you should take the time to figure out why you really want a video. You will be surprised how much this little bit of information can help a video agency help you.

Need Help With Video?

Production M is here to help. Answer a few questions about the project, your business, and most importantly your goals. Our producers will quickly look at all the information, create a custom quote and set up a call to discuss timeline, pricing, and execution. Click the button below to get started.